If you’re stumped, look no further! Here are the answers to some common questions.

What are the dates?

Oct 8-10, 2018

What time does conference end?

Conference wraps up at about 2pm on Wednesday October, 10th. However, Kahala office tours, individual accounting sessions, and ServSafe exams will be held though the end of the day. See Conference Agenda for more information.

Will there be transportation provided from the airport?

Transportation will not be provided from the airport.

Should I rent a car?

All activities and training surrounding the conference will be held at the Conference Hotel. There is a shuttle that will take you to shopping malls and restaurants nearby.

Can the conference fee be waived?

This fee is not able to be waived as documented in your Franchise Agreement.

What happens if I am in resale?

You are still an active franchisee and as such, must follow your obligations as written in your agreement. You may find some valuable information at the conference which could cause you to change your mind about selling.

How is the fee structured?

Conference fees are outlined in your franchise agreement. There are two fees listed in the conference fee section. The first fee listed will be withdrawn via ACH on July 16, 2018 no matter if you plan to attend conference or not. If you DO attend conference, you will not be charged any additional fees. If you DO NOT ATTEND conference, you will be charged the second fee listed in your agreement on October 31th, 2018.

(This is now the standard for how we ACH your conference fees. Your agreement may state that we ACH the full conference fee and then refund you a certain amount if you attend. This is no longer the case; the above fee schedule is how conference fees will be handled. In the months leading up to conference a Brand Team Member will reach out to you personally to discuss your exact conference fees.)

What happens if I cannot attend?

Conferences are an important opportunity to network, gather best practices and grow your business. While attendance is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged, which is why we charge less to those that attend. If you do not attend, you will be charged the second fee listed in your agreement on October 31th, 2018.

If you have questions regarding your conference fees and a Brand Team Member has not yet reached out to you, please submit a wiki ticket!

How many people does the conference fee include?

The conference fee includes registration for 2 people. There is a fee for additional attendees. However, this varies by agreement. Please refer to your franchise agreement or create a wiki ticket if you have questions.

What expenses will I incur in addition to the conference fee?

All travel and lodging expenses.

The following meals will be provided:

What do I pack for Arizona weather?

The secret is to dress in LAYERS!

What are the alternatives if I cannot attend?

In years past, we have posted presentations online, however nothing is as good as being there! Our offices will be closed during the time of the conference so we can devote all of our time and attention to our operators.